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ELPAR 2017 DC Conference Photos

ELPAR 2017 was presented at ELI offices in Washington, DC.


ELPAR Editor-in-Chief Marian G. Mikhail, right, introduces the conference.


ELPAR Articles Editor Daniel B. Gross, right, introduces the first panel.


James W. Coleman presents his article: "How Cheap is Corporate Talk? Comparing Companies' Comments on Regulations with their Securities Disclosures".


Alan B. Horowitz (second from left) offers his reactions to the Coleman article, while fellow panelists Matt Banks (left), Jeffrey A. Smith (second from right), and Brian J. Wong (right) listen.


Jeffrey A. Smith presents his comments on the Coleman article.


Brian J. Wong offers his remarks on the Coleman article.


Jeffrey A. Smith and Brian J. Wong shake hands at the conclusion of the panel.


Vanderbilt University Law School Professor Michael P. Vandenbergh, and ELI Senior Attorney Linda K. Breggin, listen to the speakers' remarks as they moderate the panel discussion.


Kate A. Zyla (center) presents the second article, "Climate Exactions", as co-author, J. Peter Byrne (left) and panelist Christopher V. Carlyle (right) listen.


Professor J. Peter Byrne continues presenting "Climate Exactions".


The audience for ELPAR includes environmental professionals in government, business, and nonprofit organizations, as well as students and academics. In addition to a full room at ELI, the audience also included a few dozen webinar participants.


Adam M. Freed (right) offers his perspective on "Climate Exactions".


Gwen M. Wright (right) reacts to the "Climate Exactions" article.


The ELPAR conference thrives on an engaged audience bringing insightful questions for the panel.


Eloise Pasachoff (on screen, via webinar) presents her article, "The President's Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control", while panelists Rosario Palmieri (left), Russ Shay (center), and Ali A. Zaidi (right) listen.


Russ Shay offers his comments on Professor Pasachoff's article.


Rosario Palmieri gives his reactions to the proposed ideas in Professor Pasachoff's article.


Linda Breggin speaks with Rosario Palmieri and Russ Shay at the conclusion of the day's last panel.


ELPAR concludes with a reception celebrating 10 years of bringing ideas from academia into the world of policymaking and law practice.


ELPAR Development Editor Kline C. Moore thanks participants for joining and offers concluding remarks.


ELPAR staff at the conference. (For full ELPAR staff listing, please click here.)

Back row, left to right: Austin Holland (Executive Editor), Erik Peterson (Articles Editor), Daniel Metzger (Articles Editor), Kline Moore (Development Editor), Eric Lyons (Managing Editor), Daniel Gross (Articles Editor)

Front row, left to right: John Hare-Grogg (ELI Research Associate), Zak Varshovi (Articles Editor), Ali Morris (Symposium Editor), Lauren Holtz (Articles Editor), Linda Breggin (ELI Senior Attorney), Marian Mikhail (Editor-in-Chief), and Mike Vandenbergh (Professor)