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Everyday Environmentalism: Law, Nature, and Individual Behavior

Faced with the seemingly overwhelming prospect of global climate change and its consequences, is there anything that a person can do to make a difference? “Yes, there is!” says Jason Czarnezki. Writing as a lawyer and environmentalist, he addresses the small personal choices that individuals can make in order to have a positive effect on the natural world.

Nature Friendly Land Use Practices at Multiple Scales

Development due to urbanization is the most significant threat to U.S. wildlife conservation. According to estimates, the nation will need approximately two million new housing units a year to meet the demands of the next 100 million U.S. residents. However, there are significant opportunities to influence the pattern and extent of development in order to meet conservation goals.

Creative Common Law Strategies for Protecting the Environment

Environmental common law litigation has reemerged in recent years as a powerful second pathway alongside statutory avenues for practitioners, communities, and governments to seek redress to environmental wrongs. Creative Common Law Strategies for Protecting the Environment vividly illustrates that "environmental common law" has never been more alive, and perhaps more needed for meeting

Sustainability Handbook: The Complete Management Guide to Achieving Social, Economic, and Environmental Responsibility, The

The Sustainability Handbook: The Complete Management Guide to Achieving Social, Economic, and Environmental Responsibility covers the complexities, challenges and benefits of sustainability as it is pursued by corporate, academic, government and non-profit organizations.

TSCA Deskbook, Second Edition

Part one of the TSCA Deskbook provides detailed analysis by leading experts of the Toxic Substances Control Act. This step-by-step analysis of the statute integrates statutory and regulatory provisions, Federal Register preambles, and agency memoranda and guidance to provide the clearest, most comprehensive guide available to the regulatory programs governing toxic chemicals.