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Constitutional Environmental Law: Giving Force to Fundamental Principles in Africa, 2d Edition

Over the past decades, and especially since the 1992 "Earth Summit," many African countries have incorporated environmental provisions into their constitutions. This volume--updated and expanded from the original 2000 publication--analyzes the constitutional environmental law provisions in Africa.

Superfund Deskbook, 2d Edition

Since the Environmental Law Institute last published the Superfund Deskbook in 1992, superfund law and policy have continued to evolve. New Supreme Court decisions and ongoing debate over whether CERCLA fairly allocates the costs of pollution signal the need for a revised text that examines CERCLA as it exists today.

Art of Commenting: How to Influence Environmental Decisionmaking With Effective Comments, The, 2d Edition

The implementation of environmental laws invariably results in the creation of written documents such as regulations, policies, programs, plans, studies, reports, and permits. A range of companies, agencies, institutions, and individuals may have a stake in how these documents are written and the decisions they support.