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Introduction to Environmental Law: Cases and Materials on Water Pollution Control, 2d Edition

Introduction to Environmental Law: Cases and Materials on Water Pollution Contro


Jeffrey G. Miller, Ann Powers, Nancy Long Elder, and Karl S. Coplan
Price: $94.95

Release Date: 

July 2017






As with most areas of environmental law, the study of water pollution control is the study of an interlocking web of statutes and their administration. The federal statute chiefly designed to control water pollution is the Clean Water Act, but many other federal statutes regulate water pollution, be it directly as with the Safe Drinking Water Act, or incidentally as with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. And before any of those laws were even enacted, the common law was the primary vehicle used to address water pollution. Even today, tort law plays a role in adjudicating water pollution disputes between parties for damages.

This second edition of Introduction to Environmental Law: Cases and Materials on Water Pollution Control provides students with an understanding of what constitutes water pollution, where it originates, and how it can be controlled. It offers an in-depth exploration of how water pollution is addressed under common law and statute. Originally designed for students new to environmental law, the book is perfect for introductory or advanced courses on water pollution control in the United States.

Also available in eBook format!

About the Author

Jeffrey G. Miller served as a Professor of Law at Pace Law School for 25 years, where he focused on water pollution, hazardous waste management, enforcement of environmental law, and citizen suits, before retiring in 2013. Ann Powers is an emerita faculty member of the Center for Environmental Legal Studies and focuses on water quality, wetland protection, water pollution trading programs, and coastal and ocean issues. Nancy Long Elder was an Associate Professor at Pace University School of Law from 1984 to 1994, during which she developed and taught a seminar on toxic torts. Karl S. Coplan has been a Professor and Associate Professor of Law at Pace Law School and Co‑Director of its Environmental Litigation Clinic since 1994.