Center for State, Tribal, and Local Environmental Programs: Events

  • Cynthia Harris, Director of Tribal Programs and the Deputy Director of the Center for State, Tribal, and Local Environmental Programs, spoke at the EPA and the Future of Environmental Protection conference at American University on strengthening partnerships between the EPA, states, and tribes to meet future challenges in environmental protection. For Cynthia's presentation, please follow this link here. (April 24, 2019)

Cynthia Harris

Cynthia Harris presents on Tribal Sovereignty and Environmental Protection at American University


  • In March 2019 as part of the Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review Conference in Washington, D.C., ELI hosted University of Virginia Law School professor Richard Schragger to present his article The Attack on American Cities. The panel discussion centered on how cities can preserve their power to regulate and promote their interests in the face of state preemption. Expert panelists commenting on Schragger's article included Gus Bauman of Beveridge & Diamond, Kim Haddow of Local Solutions Support Center, and Lewis Rosman of the City of Philadelphia Law Department. For more information about the panel, as well as to view a recording of the conference, please follow this link here. (March 29, 2019)

ELPAR 2019

Panelists Gus Bauman, Richard Schragger, Lewis Rosman with Vanderbilt University Law Student Vivek Biswas at the 2019 ELPAR DC conference