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Green Cleaning in Schools:

Developments in State and Local Policy


Great Neck (NY) Public Schools

(approx. 5,700 students and 10 schools)

Citation: Great Neck Public Schools Policy No. 8116, “Petrochemical-Based Product Use”

Effective: March 2004

Available: http://www.greatneck.k12.ny.us/ (“Policies,” “Facilities”)

Summary: This one-page policy states the district’s commitment to exclude the use of any petrochemical-based product and to purchase products that are third-party certified wherever possible.

Key Provisions:
  • Requirements for Using Green Cleaning Products. According to this policy, Great Neck Public Schools will exclude the use of petrochemical-based products, including cleaning products. Wherever possible, the district will purchase bio-based alternatives and products containing minimal volatile organic compounds.

  • Guidelines and Specifications. The policy states that wherever possible, any product purchased and used in the district must be third-party certified for its “environmental efficacy and its impact on indoor air quality and overall indoor environment, especially as it may affect children.” The policy cites Green Seal and Environmental Choice as examples of acceptable certification programs. Where no third-party documentation or certification exits for a type of product, the district’s safety office must approve products prior to their use.