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Brownfields Program: Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

  • Community Justice and Health Workshop—Orlando, Florida (2008)
  • What LUC! An Introduction to Institutional Controls — Denver, CO (2005)
  • LUCIP Reality Check — Denver, CO (2005)
  • 2005 Phoenix Awards: Housing, Health Centers and Roads to Success — Denver, CO (2005)
  • Remodeling Public Health: Bringing in the Redevelopers — Denver, CO (2005)
  • Rebuilding Community Health: A Blueprint for Environmental Justice through Brownfields Redevelopment — Jacksonville, FL (2005)
  • A Shot in the Arm: Promoting Public Health through Brownfields Redevelopment — St. Louis, MO (2004)
  • Annual Checkup: Community Health Through Brownfields Redevelopment — St Louis, MO (2004)
  • Tales from the Couch: The Psychology of Public/Private Partnerships — St. Louis, MO (2004)
  • The Future of Community Health through Brownfields Redevelopment — New Bedford, MA (2004)
  • Building Sustainable Communities: From Brownfields to Healthy People — Clearwater, FL (2004)
  • Understanding the Dynamics and Psychology of Public/Private Redevelopment Partnerships: A Brownfields Primer for Municipal Redevelopment Through Role Case Study and Role Play — Portland, OR (2003)
  • A National Brownfields Dialogue: A Series of Interdisciplinary Discussions — Washington, DC, Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL (2001)