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Scott W. Badenoch, Jr.

Scott W. Badenoch, Jr.
Visiting Attorney

Scott W. Badenoch, Jr., is a Visiting Attorney at ELI. Badenoch serves as Co-Chair of the Environmental Justice Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice. Badenoch also co-directs the Blight Revitalization Initiative for Green, Healthy Towns (BRIGHT), which engages local communities to develop redevelopment plans and implement projects that can attract and leverage public and private financing to turn brownfields and blighted areas into catalysts for sustainable redevelopment. 

Badenoch has gained extensive the business, non-profit, and public sectors, working through the law to advance environmental justice in every corner of our society. In 2017, Badenoch was awarded the Committee Excellence Award by ABA-CRSJ.