• Jordan Diamond New President of ELI

    ELI Welcomes New ELI President, Jordan Diamond

  • Headshots of Winners of the 33d Annual National Wetlands Awards

    Congratulations to the 2022 National Wetlands Awardees!

  • Image of four diverse people fist pumping, with TEF cover on right hand side

    Moving in Synch: Private-Public Partnerships to Reduce GHG Emissions

  • The BRIGHT Guide

    New! The BRIGHT Guide: An Interactive Guide to Area Wide Planning

  • Farming for Our Future

    Farming for Our Future: The Science, Law, and Policy of Climate-Neutral Agriculture

  • Implementation of EIA in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Under the UN BBNJ Agreement: Next Steps in EIA Guidelines

    Implementing Environmental Impact Assessments in the High Seas