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report coverELI prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency. We have a Code of Ethics and are subject to annual audits as well as active oversight by our Board of Directors. Our Annual Report, which includes a copy of our Audited Financial Statements and IRS Form 990, are posted on this Web site, as well as information on our GSA Environmental Services Schedule. In addition, copies of our Bylaws, Charter, Code of Ethics, Hotline Procedures, and Conflict of Interest Policy are available by request to law@eli.org. Please indicate what documents you are requesting and the email or postal address to which the documents should be sent.

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Our oceans act as a crucial life-support system for the planet and its inhabitants — soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing a wealth of natural resources, nurturing incredible and mysterious sea creatures, and serving as a playground and place of cultural heritage. Covering 71 percent of Earth’s surface and providing 99 percent of its living space, the ocean often seems invincible. Yet human activity threatens to diminish the myriad services that the ocean provides. To address these threats, ELI’s Ocean Program focuses on three major groups of management issues:

Among other ongoing activities, current Ocean Program projects include:


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