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Homeland Security and Drinking Water: An Opportunity for Comprehensive Protection of a Vital Natural Resource

Date Released: 

October 2003
Homeland Security and Drinking Water:  An Opportunity for Comprehensive Protecti

Fact Sheet on Selected Environmental Authorities Relevant to Homeland Security Presents examples of federal environmental laws their potential applicability to homeland security issues.

Fact Sheet on Opportunities for Constructive Interaction Identifies five areas for constructive interaction – water ifrastructure, public engagement, public health, technological advances, and emergency preparedness.

Fact Sheet on Selected State Homeland Security and Drinking Water Safety Authorities and Actions Provides examples of the types of actions taken by state and local governments to protect water supplies from terrorist activities. Explains details of Florida’s homeland security program.

Summary Brochure Offers a brief overview of all three areas of focus.

Safe drinking water is a vital resource for human health and is crucial to our everyday life. We all depend on clean, healthy water for nourishment, hygiene, and the basic comforts of our existence. Yet, our nation

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