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Nanotechnology Deskbook By Lynn Bergeson (Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.) and Tracy Hester (Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP)

October 2007

(Washington, DC) — Nanotechnology promises to have far reaching impacts on the economy, including offering technological advances in pollution control. While over 200 products that use nanomaterials are already in the marketplace, minimal data exist on the health and environmental effects of nanomaterials. This poses significant questions for companies, regulators, consumers, and lawyers.

The Nanotechnology Deskbook guides the reader through the application of existing law and regulations to nanomaterials by exploring domestic laws and regulations and considering developments in the international context. It includes a focus on special business considerations when this technology is involved and concludes by discussing the development of an effective environmental governance structure for nanotechnologies that protects human health and the environment without stifling the development of this new field.

…This timely book looks carefully at the key statutes that govern aspects of nanomaterials throughout their lifecycles...There is simply no other single source that provides such a comprehensive overview of the governance structure and hot issues in nanotechnology.”—Mark Duvall, Managing Counsel, The Dow Chemical Company

This is a ‘must have’ guidebook through the legal maze of the nanotechnology revolution…No lawyer, businessperson, policymaker or government official can afford to be without this Deskbook.”—Julia A. Moore, Deputy Director, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, Woodrow Wilson Center International Center for Scholars

September 2007. 394 pp. ISBN: 978-1-58576-123-4. Retail Price: $109.95 (ELI Associates: $93.46).

Subject areas: Nanotechnology / Natural Sciences / Law / Engineering
Key words: Nanotechnology / Regulations / Environment / Health / Consumers
Target audience: Nanotech legal analysts / Lawyers and law students / Regulators; Company officials