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Recent Federal Bills

Volume 45, Issue 6

S. 468, Bill Introduced

would provide a categorical exclusion under NEPA to allow BLM and Forest Service to remove pinyon-juniper trees in order to conserve and restore greater sage-grouse and mule deer habitat.

S. 465, Bill Introduced

would extend federal recognition to the Chickahominy Indian Tribe, the Chickahominy Indian Tribe- Eastern Division, the Upper Mattaponi Tribe, the Rappahannock Tribe, Inc., the Monacan Indian Nation, and the Nansemond Indian Tribe.

S. 463, Bill Introduced

would amend the Federal Crop Insurance Act to prohibit the paying of premium subsidies on policies based on the actual market price of an agricultural commodity at the time of harvest.

S. 462, Bill Introduced

would direct EPA to publish a health advisory and submit reports on microcystins in drinking water.

S. 460, Bill Introduced

would amend the SDWA to provide for risk assessment and management of algal toxins in drinking water.