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Land & Biodiversity

ELI's Biodiversity Conservation Program


ELI operates the Biodiversity Conservation Program, an on-going collaborative program devoted to improving biodiversity protection by identifying obstacles to and opportunities for conservation of biological diversity on the state and local levels. We have collaborated with local partners from a range of states to formulate and implement statewide strategies for biodiversity protection and restoration. In addition, we have sought to undertake national-level research that is designed to support state efforts to conserve biodiversity.

Featured Areas of Expertise and Resources:

  • The Nature of Open Space: Linking Land Protection and Land Conservation: In 2006-2007 ELI published a report examining 28 major state open-space protection programs and the degree to which they have the legal authority to acquire lands in a biologically meaningful manner. The report also proposes strategies to improve the effectiveness of these programs to support biodiversity conservation.

Featured Areas of State-Level Expertise and Resources:

  • In Delaware, ELI has published Protecting Delaware's Natural Heritage: Tools for Biodiversity Conservation (1999), a collaborative project of Delaware Nature Society, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, ELI, and The Nature Conservancy. ELI, in coordination with a high-level group of agency secretaries and non-profit organizations, also helped develop Our Natural Legacy: Delaware's Biodiversity Conservation Partnership, a framework for implementing recommendations from the ELI report.
  • In New York, has ELI worked in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, the State Museum, and the Department of Environmental Conservation on the New York State Biodiversity Project. In March 2001, ELI published a study, New York State Biodiversity Project Needs Assessment, that examines the extent and adequacy of biodiversity information currently being generated in New York.
  • In Pennsylvania, ELI has assisted the multi-stakeholder Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnershipin a review of the law, policies, and institutions that affect biodiversity in Pennsylvania. This analysis supported the Partnership's development of a comprehensive statewide strategy to sustain and restore the biodiversity of the Commonwealth on public and private lands and waters. 
  • In Indiana, ELI has published Indiana's Biological Diversity: Strategies and Tools for Conservation (1995), publication of which catalyzed the formation of the Indiana Biodiversity Initiative, a diverse coalition working to develop a statewide strategy for protecting biodiversity.
  • In Ohio, ELI published Ohio's Biological Diversity: Strategies and Tools for Conservation(1998), and supported the efforts of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in development of a biodiversity strategy and implementation plan. 
  • In New Mexico, ELI published New Mexico's Natural Heritage: A Handbook of Law and Policy(1999), in cooperation with the Center for Wildlife Law and Defenders of Wildlife. The report analyzes New Mexico's laws and regulations and their treatment of biodiversity. 

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