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Case Names and Citations for 28 ELR

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20001 Natural Resources Defense Council v. Peña
20005 New Mexico v. EPA
20008 Cherokee Nation of Okla. v. United States, 95-5055 (Fed. Cir., September 1997)
20010 Independent Petroleum Ass'n of Am. v. Babbitt
20017 Kettle Range Conservation Group v. U.S. Forest Serv.
20020 Newton County Wildlife Ass'n v. U.S. Forest Serv.
20022 Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Comm'n v. Pena, 95-7382 (3d Cir., September 1997)
20025 Oxy USA, Inc. v. Babbitt
20029 United States v. Silva
20031 Friends of the Nestucca v. Slater, 96-35081 (9th Cir., September 1997)
20032 LaFarge Corp. v. Travelers Indem. Co.
20035 Molinary v. Powell Mountain Coal Co.
20039 Concerned Citizens of Cohocton Valley v. New York State Dep't of Envtl. Conservation, 96-7373L, -9474CON (2d Cir., September 1997)
20042 Associated Fisheries of Me. v. Daley, 97-1327 (1st Cir., September 1997)
20048 Ben Oehrleins & Sons & Daughter, Inc. v. Hennepin County, Nos. 96-2120, -2170 (8th Cir., June 1997)
20053 Gazza v. New York State Dep't of Envtl. Conservation, 10 (N.Y., February 1997)
20060 United States v. Banks
20063 Briggs & Stratton Corp. v. Concrete Sales & Servs., Inc., 5:95-cv-525-1 (M.D. Ga., July 1997)
20066 Pittston Co. v. Allianz Ins. Co.
20072 Fener v. Hunt, 97-0024-L (W.D. Va., June 1997)
20077 New York v. Almy Bros., Inc.
20079 West Virginia Mining & Reclamation Ass'n v. Babbitt
20085 Prairie Wood Prods. v. Glickman
20092 American Auto. Mfrs. Ass'n v. Cahill, 97-CV-444 (LEK/DNH) (N.D.N.Y., August 1997)
20101 Hawksbill Sea Turtle v. Federal Emergency Management Agency, 96-7661 (3d Cir., September 1997)
20110 Bituminous Materials, Inc. v. Rice County, 96-4202 (8th Cir., October 1997)
20112 Jones v. United States
20114 Strahan v. Coxe
20124 Sierra Club v. San Antonio, City of
20125 United States v. Corrow
20129 Castles Auto & Truck Serv., Inc. v. Exxon Corp., Nos. 95-3183, 96-1117 (4th Cir., September 1997)
20131 Deltic Farm & Timber Co. v. Great Lakes Chem. Corp., 97-1158 (8th Cir., July 1997)
20134 Shell Oil Co. v. Babbitt
20137 Western Radio Servs. Co. v. Glickman
20141 Association of Pub. Agency Customers v. Bonneville Power Admin., Nos. 95-70862 et al. (9th Cir., September 1997)
20158 Andrews v. United States, Nos. 95-3377 et al. (11th Cir., September 1997)
20161 Beggerly v. United States, 95-60625 (5th Cir., July 1997)
20164 Scheufler v. General Host Corp.
20169 Industrial Truck Ass'n v. Henry
20173 Amchem Prods., Inc. v. Windsor, 96-270 (U.S., June 1997)
20183 Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians v. Minnesota
20196 Fund for Animals v. Thomas, 96-5298 (D.C. Cir., October 1997)
20200 Troy Corp. v. Browner
20201 United States v. Krilich
20210 American Auto. Mfrs. Ass'n v. Commissioner, 93-10799-ADM (D. Mass., October 1997)
20217 Ashoff v. Ukiah, City of, No. 97-15010 (9th Cir., December 1997)
20219 Kannankeril v. Terminix Int'l, Inc.
20222 National Ass'n of Home Builders v. Babbitt
20224 Oz Tech., Inc. v. EPA
20227 General Elec. Co. v. Joiner, 96-188 (U.S., December 1997)
20231 Northern States Power Co. v. Department of Energy
20233 Reese v. Travelers Ins. Co.
20236 United States v. Hoechst Celanese Corp.
20243 Waste Management, Inc. v. Nashville
20246 Chemical Weapons Working Group, Inc. v. Department of the Army, 2:96-CV-0425C (D. Utah, October 1997)
20247 Donahey v. Bogle, 92-1128, -1151 (6th Cir., November 1997)
20251 Eastern Ky. Resources v. Fiscal Court of Magoffin County, 95-6360 (6th Cir., October 1997)
20256 Mahler v. U.S. Forest Serv.
20269 Sierra Club v. EPA
20272 Umatilla Waterquality Protective Ass'n v. Smith Frozen Foods, Inc.
20272 Umatilla Waterquality Protective Ass'n v. Smith Frozen Foods, Inc.
20274 Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. v. EPA
20277 Gould Inc. v. A&M Battery & Tire Serv., 3:CV-91-1714 (M.D. Pa., September 1997)
20286 Hoyl v. Babbitt, 96-1388 (10th Cir., November 1997)
20289 Knaust v. Kingston, City of
20293 South Dakota v. Yankton Sioux Tribe
20309 Bradley v. Armstrong Rubber Co., 96-60233 (5th Cir., December 1997)
20314 Kuiper v. American Cyanamid Co.
20318 National Audubon Soc'y v. Hoffman
20318 National Audubon Soc'y v. Hoffman
20323 Raytheon Co. v. McGraw-Edison Co.
20330 Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Fund v. Atlanta, City of
20339 Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. Flanders Elec. Motor Serv., Inc., 96-2778 (7th Cir., December 1997)
20341 Dilmar Oil Co. v. Federated Mut. Ins. Co., 97-1554 (4th Cir., November 1997)
20344 Sierra Club v. Glickman
20361 United States v. Rockwell Int'l Corp.
20364 Wisconsin Power & Light Co. v. Century Indem. Co.
20367 Acushnet Co. v. Coaters, Inc., 93-11219-REK (D. Mass., July 1997)
20384 Berger v. Hanlon, Nos. 96-35251, 35266 (9th Cir., November 1997)
20389 Exxon Corp. v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 96-31309 (5th Cir., December 1997)
20392 United States v. Jenks
20395 Animal Legal Defense Fund, Inc. v. Glickman, 97-5009 (D.C. Cir., December 1997)
20400 B&B Partnership v. United States, 96-2025 (4th Cir., December 1997)
20403 National Ass'n of Home Builders v. Babbitt
20414 Public Employees for Envtl. Responsibility v. EPA
20422 Bayou Des Familles Dev. Corp. v. United States, 96-5086 (Fed. Cir., December 1997)
20424 Friends of the Earth v. Chevron Chem. Co., 96-40590 (5th Cir., December 1997)
20426 Horsehead Resources Dev. Co. v. EPA, 95-1286 (D.C. Cir., December 1997)
20430 Marathon Oil Co. v. Babbitt
20431 In re the Complaint of Metlife Capital Corp.
20431 In re the Complaint of Metlife Capital Corp.
20434 Steel Co. v. Citizens for a Better Env't
20446 Bass Enters. Prod. Co. v. United States, 96-5132 (Fed. Cir., January 1998)
20448 Enron Oil Trading & Transp. Co. v. Walbrook Ins. Co., 96-35713 (9th Cir., December 1997)
20449 Kasza v. Browner
20459 Waste Management of Ohio, Inc. v. Dayton, City of
20462 United States v. Apex Oil Co.
20463 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co. v. Brown & Bryant, Inc., 96-15529 (9th Cir., December 1997)
20466 Calhoun County v. United States, 97-40663 (5th Cir., January 1998)
20469 Corridor H Alternatives v. Slater, 96-2622 (D.D.C., October 1997)
20474 Nevada v. Department of Energy
20477 Union Pac. R.R. Co. v. Reilly Indus., Inc.
20481 American Lung Ass'n v. EPA, 96-1251 (D.C. Cir., January 1998)
20483 James Barlow Family Ltd. Partnership v. David M. Munson, Inc.
20487 Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living v. Seif, 97-1125 (3d Cir., December 1997)
20492 In re Eagle-Picher Indus., Inc.
20497 Alaska Ctr. for the Env't v. Armbrister, No. 97-35503 (9th Cir., September 1997)
20499 Forest Guardians v. Dombeck, 97-16206, -16446 (9th Cir., December 1997)
20501 New York v. EPA
20503 United States v. Union Elec. Co., No. 96-3653 (8th Cir., December 1997)
20504 Soo Line R.R. Co. v. B.J. Carney & Co.
20506 United States v. Senchenko
20509 National Ass'n of Mfrs. v. Department of the Interior
20521 Appalachian Power Co. v. EPA, 96-1497 (D.C. Cir., February 1998)
20534 Dodd v. Hood River County, 97-35124 (9th Cir., February 1998)
20538 Marine Mammal Conservancy v. Department of Agric.
20543 Alpine Forrest Partners v. Crown Cent. Petroleum Corp., 95-1871 (4th Cir., February 1998)
20546 Briggs & Stratton Corp. v. Concrete Sales & Servs., Inc., 5:95-CV-525-1 (M.D. Ga., January 1998)
20550 El Paso Natural Gas Co. v. Neztsosie, 96-17121, -17139 (9th Cir., February 1998, April 1998)
20555 United States v. Pend Oreille County Pub. Util. Dist. No. 1
20561 Utah v. Babbitt
20570 New York v. Solvent Chem. Co.
20574 Stewart v. Potts
20577 Alves v. United States, 97-5042 (Fed. Cir., January 1998)
20584 Stamford Wallpaper Co. v. TIG Ins.
20590 Aerojet-General Corp. v. Transport Indem. Co., S054501 (Cal., December 1997)
20607 SnyderGeneral Corp. v. Continental Ins. Co.
20608 United States v. Dico, Inc.
20612 Chicago, City of v. International College of Surgeons, 96-910 (U.S., December 1997)
20619 United States v. Washington
20632 Northcoast Envtl. Ctr. v. Glickman
20636 United States v. Clavette
20638 Oyster Bay, Town of v. Occidental Chem. Corp.
20650 Friends of the Wild Swan v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serv., 94-1318-JO (D. Or., December 1997)
21001 Armstrong v. ASARCO, Inc., 96-3277 (8th Cir., March 1998)
21004 Atlantic Coast Demolition & Recycling, Inc. v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of Atl. County, Nos. 93-2669, 94-3244 (D.N.J., December 1997)
21009 Boardman Petroleum, Inc. v. Federated Mut. Ins. Co., 96-9270 (11th Cir., February 1998)
21010 Tamarind Resort Assocs. v. Government of the Virgin Islands
21013 United States v. Romano
21016 Lake Mohave Boat Owners Ass'n v. National Park Serv.
21018 United States v. 819.8 Acres of Land
21020 California v. Campbell, 93-16754 (9th Cir., March 1998)
21024 California v. Campbell, 97-15308 (9th Cir., March 1998)
21026 Cooper Indus., Inc. v. Agway, Inc., 92-CV-0748 (N.D.N.Y., November 1997)
21035 Waste Action Project v. Dawn Mining Corp.
21038 Burns Philp Food, Inc. v. Cavalea Continental Freight, Inc., Nos. 97-2557, -2737 (7th Cir., February 1998)
21040 Cristina Inv. Corp. v. United States, 95-128L (Fed. Cl., February 1998)
21044 Idaho Sporting Congress v. Thomas
21047 Los Angeles, City of v. Federal Aviation Admin.
21048 United States v. Henry
21053 Glisson v. U.S. Forest Serv., 97-2840 (7th Cir., March 1998)
21054 Hoefler v. Babbitt, 96-36286 (9th Cir., March 1998)
21055 United States v. Iron Mountain Mines, Inc.
21059 United States v. Iron Mountain Mines, Inc.
21069 Deni Assocs. of Fla. v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Ins. Co., 89,115, -300 (Fla., January 1998)
21072 Scribner v. Summers
21073 Neighbors of Cuddy Mountain v. U.S. Forest Serv., No. 97-35654 (9th Cir., March 1998)
21077 Robbins v. United States
21080 Wilson v. Amoco Corp.
21094 Korman Co. v. Cumberland Farms, Inc.
21096 United States v. Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.
21097 United States v. Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.
21102 Varnadore v. Secretary of Labor
21105 Citizen Advocacy Ctr. v. DuPage Airport Auth., 97-2455 (7th Cir., April 1998)
21106 Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. v. EPA, 96-1234 (D.C. Cir., April 1998)
21110 Foamseal, Inc. v. Dow Chem. Co., 96-71129 (E.D. Mich., January 1998)
21111 Motor & Equip. Mfrs. Ass'n v. Nichols
21119 Ohio Forestry Ass'n v. Sierra Club
21125 Newton County Wildlife Ass'n v. Rogers
21128 United States v. Barrier Indus., Inc.
21132 United States v. 17.83 Acres of Land
21133 United States v. Iron Mountain Mines, Inc.
21139 Kalamazoo River Study Group v. Rockwell Int'l Corp.
21141 Sal Tinnerello & Sons, Inc. v. Stonington, Town of
21145 Rosette, Inc. v. United States
21147 United States v. BASF Corp.
21149 Scott Timber Co. v. United States
21156 K & K Constr., Inc. v. Department of Natural Resources
21159 Montana v. Crow Tribe of Indians
21165 Lyall v. Leslie's Poolmart
21171 Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians v. Director, 96-1168 (6th Cir., April 1998)
21174 Muckleshoot Tribe v. Lummi Indian Tribe
21178 American Colloid Co. v. Babbitt, 97-8018 (10th Cir., May 1998)
21180 Foundation for Horses & Other Animals v. Babbitt, CV-97-3520-KMW (RCx) (C.D. Cal., January 1998)
21183 Southern Offshore Fishing Ass'n v. Daley
21193 United States v. Keller
21197 United States v. McKittrick
21201 Carson Harbor Village, Ltd. v. Unocal Corp., CV-96-3281 (C.D. Cal., November 1997)
21206 Maritrans, Inc. v. United States
21210 Waste Control Specialists v. Department of Energy
21212 Sierra Club v. Martin
21225 United States v. Bestfoods
21230 Aurora Nat'l Bank v. Tri Star Mktg., Inc., 96-C-4175 (N.D. Ill., January 1998)
21236 Landgate, Inc. v. California Coastal Comm'n
21247 Southwest Ctr. for Biological Diversity v. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
21251 Southwestern Pa. Growth Alliance v. Browner
21253 Wilkinson v. Pitkin County Bd. of County Comm'rs
21256 Axel Johnson, Inc. v. Carroll Carolina Oil Co., 97-1629 (4th Cir., June 1998)
21258 Mt. Lookout-Mt. Nebo Property Protection Ass'n v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
21261 Pneumo Abex Corp. v. High Point, Thomasville & Denton R.R.
21263 Oil, Chem. & Atomic Workers Union v. OSHA
21265 Russian River Watershed Protection Comm. v. Santa Rosa, City of
21268 Truck Components Inc. v. Beatrice Co.
21270 CPC Int'l, Inc. v. Northbrook Excess & Surplus Ins. Co., 97-2073, -2074 (1st Cir., June 1998)
21277 Quick v. Austin, City of
21283 Huntzinger v. Hastings Mut. Ins. Co., 96-4163 (7th Cir., April 1998)
21290 United States v. Beggerly
21293 East Bay Mun. Util. Dist. v. Department of Commerce, 97-5079 (D.C. Cir., May 1998)
21296 In re Tutu Wells Contamination Litig.
21316 Bednar v. Bassett Furniture Mfg. Co., 97-4098 (8th Cir., June 1998)
21317 Kettle Range Conservation Group v. U.S. Forest Serv.
21318 National Mining Ass'n v. Corps of Eng'rs
21323 National Solid Waste Management Ass'n v. Williams
21325 United States v. Power Eng'g Co.
21337 Red River Serv. Corp. v. Minot, City of
21341 A & W Smelter & Refiners, Inc. v. Clinton, 97-15596 (9th Cir., June 1998)
21344 Aragon v. United States, 97-2047 (10th Ccir., June 1998)
21347 Florida Power & Light Co. v. EPA, 95-1093 (D.C. Cir., June 1998)
21350 Military Toxics Project v. EPA
21354 Biodiversity Legal Found. v. Babbitt
21358 Davis v. Sun Oil Co., 96-4077 (6th Cir., June 1998)
21362 Olin Corp. v. Yeargin, Inc.
21366 Guaranty Nat'l Ins. Co. v. Vic Mfg. Co., 97-20730 (5th Cir., June 1998)
21368 Natural Resources Defense Council v. Houston
21374 Windham Solid Waste Management Dist. v. National Casualty Co.
21376 Missouri v. Corps of Eng'rs
21377 Dittmer v. Suffolk, County of, 97-9272 (2d Cir., June 1998)
21379 Davis Oil Co. v. TS, Inc., 97-30408 (5th Cir., June 1998)
21385 American Nat'l Bank & Trust Co. v. Harcros Chems., Inc., 95 C 3750 (N.D. Ill., March 1998)
21388 Avondale Fed. Sav. Bank v. Amoco Oil Co., 96 C 2762 (N.D. Ill. , March 1998)
21392 United States v. Chapman
21397 International Ass'n of Indep. Tanker Owners v. Locke
21404 ONRC Action v. Bureau of Land Management
21407 Resource Invs., Inc. v. Corps of Eng'rs
21410 United States v. Boynes
21412 United States v. Davis
21419 United States v. Varlack Ventures, Inc., No. 97-7489 (3d Cir., July 1998)
21421 Earth Island Inst. v. Albright, 97-1085, -1086 (Fed. Cir., June 1998)
21424 Lubbock County Hosp. Dist. v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa.
21426 Kettle Range Conservation Group v. BLM
21431 Manning v. United States
21433 Hill v. Boy, 97-8872 (11th Cir., July 1998)
21435 New York, City of v. Slater
21436 United States v. Tomono, No. 97-3486 (11th Cir., June 1998)
21438 United States v. Hallmark Constr. Co.
21440 Arrest the Incinerator Remediation, Inc. v. OHM Remediation Servs. Corp., 4:CV-98-0398 (M.D. Pa., April 1998)
21442 Fiore v. White, 97-3288 (3d Cir., July 1998)
21445 Flue-Cured Tobacco Coop. Stabilization Corp. v. EPA, 6:93CV00370 (M.D.N.C., July 1998)
21463 Churchill County v. Babbitt, Nos. 97-15508, -15813 (9th Cir., July 1998, October 1998)
21467 Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage Dist. v. United States
21473 Ruffin v. Shaw Indus., Inc.
21477 S.W. Shattuck Chem. Co. v. Denver, City & County of
21480 Ekotek Site PRP Comm. v. Self, 94-277L (D. Utah, March 1998)
21491 American Auto. Mfrs. Ass'n v. Cahill, 97-7972 (2d Cir., August 1998)
21493 Costner v. URS Consultants, Inc., 97-4310 (8th Cir., August 1998)
21497 Iroquois Gas Transmission Sys., L.P. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
21500 North Shore Gas Co. v. Salomon, Inc.
21506 Pennsylvania Envtl. Defense Found. v. Canon-McMillan Sch. Dist.
21511 United States v. North Landing Line Constr. Co.
21515 Arizona v. EPA, Nos. 96-71083, 97-70012 (9th Cir., August 1998)
21519 Clean Air Implementation Project v. EPA, 97-1117 (D.C. Cir., August 1998)
21523 Delgado v. Department of the Interior, 97-6125 (10th Cir., July 1998)
21525 United States v. Dell'Aquilla
21530 United States v. Penn Hills, Municipality of
21539 Richfield, City of v. Federal Aviation Admin.
21540 Missouri v. Glasgow, City of
21542 Organic Chems. Site PRP Group v. Total Petroleum, Inc.
21545 Collord v. Department of the Interior, 96-36179 (9th Cir., August 1998)
21546 Loggerhead Turtle v. County Council of Volusia County, Fla.
21559 Rainsong Co. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
21560 Southwest Ctr. for Biological Diversity v. Babbitt
21561 Taylor v. Monsanto Co.
21563 Texans United for a Safe Economy Educ. Fund v. Crown Cent. Petroleum Corp.
21564 Del-Rio Drilling Programs Inc. v. United States, 97-5055 (Fed. Cir., June 1998)
21572 Struhar v. Cleveland, City of
21579 United States v. High Point Chem. Corp.
21584 United States v. San Diego, City of