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Exploring the "E-Enterprise for the Environment" Initiative

May 21, 2014

An ELI Research Seminar

What is the E-Enterprise Initiative? At base, it is a new collaborative process through which states and the EPA will work together. E-Enterprise is designed to share resources among jurisdictions and to enable joint priority-setting. It aims to build upon and benefits from decades of regulation at all levels, harnessing the potential to redesign and reengineer environmental regulation while streamlining it. The result would be a single-system approach, applied across environmental endeavors and states.

One component is a web-based data-sharing system where regulated entities would be able to use the system to apply for permits, report air emissions, and check their compliance status. Regulators would be able to speak and share information more efficiently with each other. In this way, E-Enterprise would increase transparency and effectiveness. It would also facilitate the use of newer monitoring technology.

Our panel of experts discussed other ways the E-Enterprise Initiative could revolutionize and streamline environmental regulation.

John Cruden, President, Environmental Law Institute (moderator)
Tom Burack, Past ECOS President & Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Dick Pedersen, ECOS President and Director, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Victoria Phillips, Director, Enterprise Information Office, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Curt Spalding, Region 1 Administrator, US EPA
Tracy Stone-Manning, Director, Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Webpage: E-Enterprise for the Environment
E-Enterprise Conceptual Blueprint Executive Summary
E-Enterprise Conceptual Blueprint
E-Enterprise Leadership Council Program Modernization and Streamlining Project Nomination Template
E-Enterprise for the Environment 101 (presented at EN2014 by David Hindin, EPA; Chris Simmers, New Hampshire DIT; and Andy Battin, EPA)
Charter for State and EPA E-Enterprise Leadership Counsel (signed 9/16/2013)
Embracing Technology, by Linda Breggin, The Environmental Forum (Nov/Dec 2013)

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