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ELI Honors George P. Shultz and Thomas F. Steyer with the 2013 Environmental Achievement Award

On October 22, 2013, ELI recognized George Shultz and Tom Steyer for their outstanding bipartisan leadership in preserving AB 32, the California "Global Warming Solutions Act," and in creating the Californians for Clean Energy & Jobs Network. ELI also recognizes them for their individual actions to advance clean energy programs by providing leadership and funds for innovative research and policy analysis designed to develop a sustainable global energy system.

To preserve AB 32, Shultz and Steyer united to lead a statewide campaign to persuade California voters to vote "No on Prop 23." If passed, Prop 23 would have essentially indefinitely suspended AB 32, thereby halting the only United States economy wide cap and trade program to reduce emissions of CO2 and abate global climate change. Because of their outstanding joint campaign, Prop 23 was decisively defeated.

To foster California's clean energy future, Shultz and Steyer created Californians for Clean Energy & Jobs Network. This dynamic coalition of business, labor, environmental, and community groups played a key role in the "No on Prop 23" campaign. Now it promotes renewable energy jobs, projects, and businesses. The Network brings together a broad coalition comprised of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group; Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Natural Resources Defense Council; the Environmental Defense Fund; Los Angeles Business Council; Clean TECH San Diego; California League of Conservation Voters; California Business Alliance for a Green Economy; the American Lung Association in California; the Blue Green Alliance; Bay Area Council; and Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). In creating this coalition, Steyer and Shultz provide an outstanding example for our nation and the world of bringing together leading organizations from all sectors of our economy and society to make environmental, economic, and social progress for future generations.

The 29th annual ELI Award Dinner featured speeches from ELI President John Cruden, ELI Board Chair Edward L. Strohbehn Jr., Senator Amy Klobuchar, and 2013 honoree Thomas F. Steyer.

MP3 Recordings

Full dinner presentation
Senator Amy Klobuchar
Thomas F. Steyer

Videos from the Event

Watch the full interview with George Shultz and ELI President John Cruden below:

Watch Thomas F. Steyer's full speech below:

Watch Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) introduce the honorees: